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Pre-Consumer Composting
Commercial recycling and waste management by Roger Guzowski

Aug 30, 2013

Roger Guzowski


Compost, Planning, Sustainability

Pre-Consumer Composting

There are many reasons why people decide to compost food waste. In some cases, you might be trying to proactively make your operation more sustainable. In other cases, you might only be trying to ward off a group of riled up activists who are approaching your office like villagers storming the gates of Frankenstein’s castle, pitchforks and torches in hand. Regardless of why you are composting food waste, when people think of food waste, they sometimes only think about post-consumer plate scrapings.

Yet, even though pre-consumer food waste doesn’t get nearly the same attention as its post-consumer sibling, it might have a bigger impact. Think of it as the Nikki Hilton or Ashlee Simpson of composting.

When we talk about pre-consumer food waste, we are essentially talking about two things: